The Pioneer in Professional Training

We have underlined our corporate commitment to the value of nurturing future talent by pioneering the “Hong Yip People Development Academy”. The ultimate aim is to provide staff with the upgraded professional skills needed to deliver top quality customer service. Major recognitions include an “Excellence in Practice Awards in Workplace Learning and Development” accolade in the 2010 American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) Excellence in Practice Awards in recognition of our comprehensive staff training and distinguished manpower development.

Comprehensive Skills Enhancement

An optimal blend of multiple in-house skill enhancement initiatives plus professional courses from leading tertiary educational institutes is how our people stay ahead. In addition to basic industry knowledge, our training spans technical skills, management practices, customer and reception services, complaint management, crisis/emergency handling, etc.

“Echelon Training”

We do our best to grow our own future leaders. Available to all middle-managers, our in-house “Echelon Training” program establishes clear professional development paths and promotion-oriented training programme.

Mentoring of Future Talents

We appoint outstanding existing staff to inspire promising newer colleagues. To further enhance this program´s effectiveness, we have now launched an “Experienced Mentor” program aimed at making our front-line staff even more customer-focused.

Election of “Distinguished Service Ambassadors”

Our clients´ feedback is vital. To this end, each partner is invited to vote in a biennial “Distinguished Service Ambassador” election aimed at rewarding team members who have delivered unrivalled customer service.

Staff Motivation

We realize that we can only ever be as successful as the people who work with us are highly motivated. As a result, we believe in maximizing our team´s sense of belonging by regularly reviewing staff promotion, salaries and benefits, and working conditions, etc.

Qualifications Framework Recognized Programmes

In June 2010, the Human Resources and Administration Department of Hong Yip had been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications as award granting body authorized to organize training programmes up to Level 3 of the Qualification Framework. Hong Yip is the first company in the territory with in-house training programmes (SCS-based) accredited at QF level.

We are the leader in the property management industry, in terms of both number and highest level, in providing in-house QF-accredited programmes. Currently, the programmes we provided are as follows:
Level 1.《Certificate in Basic Security Training (QF Level 1)》
Level 1.《Certificate in Practical Horticulture Knowledge and Skills (QF Level 1)》
Level 2.《Certificate in Complaint Handling (QF Level 2)》
Level 2.《Certificate in Advanced Horticulture Beautification (QF Level 2)》
Level 2.《Certificate in Service Excellence (QF Level 2)》
Level 2.《Certificate in Integrated Properties Management Services (QF Level 2)》
Level 2.《Certificate in Properties Management (Work Safety) (QF Level 2)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Properties Management Workplace Mentoring (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Security Supervision (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Properties Management Emergency Handling (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Club House and Recreational Facility Management (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Integrated Properties Management Services (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Repair & Maintenance in Property Management (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Advanced Complaint Handling (QF Level 3)》
Level 3.《Certificate in Workplace Mentoring (QF Level 3)》

Credit Accumulation and Transfer System (CAT)

Hong Yip launches its own CAT system in September 2014 with the objective of supporting the mission of Qualifications Framework. It allows learners to move from one programme to another without having to duplicate learning. This provides learners with seamless pathways towards higher qualifications and better use of resources.

Learners may apply for recognition of credit previously earned while they attend programmes in Hong Yip, if they completed a recognized QF program or obtained the "RPL" certificate(s) in other institutions or companies. We will compare the course contents and learning outcomes of these courses. Learners’ applications will be approved and accepted by the People Development Academy if both of the course contents and learning outcomes are matched.