Enhancing Living Environments

We´ve always strived to create greener, more delightful living environments that seamlessly blend top quality horticultural designs into their surroundings. Our professional teams also upgrade projects by matching horticultural maintenance to each property´s unique needs.

A pioneering Horticulture School

When delivering on our promise of proactive, dynamic, training, we focus on making cities not only more modern, but also greener. In 2006, we once again broke new ground by forming a comprehensive Horticultural Management Promotion Team. Leveraging our over 40 years´ specialist experience, we subsequently established an in-house Horticulture School and published an in-house Horticultural Guidebook. In addition to enhancing staff´s professional knowledge in landscape maintenance, the training school incorporates its own nursery garden where skill sets are demonstrated and practiced.

Upgrading green standards

Recent years have seen the giant leaps forward in horticultural standards at our properties honoured with numerous horticultural design and maintenance awards. In 2010, we won a total of 15 titles including 4 gold awards in the Best Landscape Awards organized by Leisure and Cultural Services Department.

We continue to do everything possible to upgrade our properties´ gardening and environmental sustainability standards. Specific areas in which we remain very active include air quality and pollution control, waste collection and recycling, energy saving, use of environmental friendly materials and green education. Our aim, as always, is to create greener, healthier living environment for all who live in or around our properties.