IMS Policy

We will deliver premier service with supreme courtesy and manage to the highest quality standards.
We will comply with environmental legislation to prevent pollution and make the best use of resources to minimize the generation of waste.
We will comply with occupational safety and health legislation to ensure the safety and health of our staff and related parties.
We will pragmatically implement our energy objectives and management plans in order to improve and increase energy efficiency continually.
To track, to follow up and to handle every complaint with heart in order to attain customer satisfaction.

To implement the above-mentioned policies, Hong Yip has set out the following objectives:

  • All staff members should pragmatically and earnestly comply with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 10002. The targets of "working with plans, procedures, checking and continual improvement" should be achieved.
  • All staff members should have a preventive and customer-first approach. Hong Yip will ensure compliance with its integrated management policy through internal audit.
  • Hong Yip will provide appropriate and effective training to all staff members to enable them to deliver high quality service. Hong Yip will also provide safe and healthy working environments in compliance with the requirements of occupational safety and health, environmental and related legislations, and other relevant requirements. As far as human resources and administration, financial management, operational management and structural organization are concerned, the opinions of customers, staff members and counterparts should be taken into account.
  • Every staff member is responsible for the quality standard within his/her scope of work and for satisfying the needs of customers, ensuring the effectiveness of complaint management, promoting the loyalty of customers and enriching the customers' community living. The degree of customer satisfaction as a basis for further improvement will be measured by regular and continual opinion surveys as well as complaint monitoring system.
  • Hong Yip will take care of the well-being of all staff members in terms of occupational safety and health. The annual rate of injury while on duty is to be limited to 2% of the total number of staff members with annual improvement of 1%.
  • Hong Yip will establish related environmental objectives and management plans to effectively control and improve environmental issues arising from work and service and to strengthen the environmental awareness of our staff.
  • Hong Yip will establish relevant energy saving objectives and energy management plans and ensure availability of sufficient resources, technical backup and information in order to increase energy efficiency. Hong Yip will support using energy saving products and services and consider improving the design of energy performance.
  • Hong Yip will maintain control, communication and supervision with regard to the occupational safety and health as well as environmental aspects of all contractors, their workers and other related parties.
  • Hong Yip will establish an effective means of communications and consultation with all related parties on occupational safety and health, environmental and complaint management issues.