Innovative Quality Assurance Scheme

In 2010, the Hong Kong Government introduced compulsory 10-yearly inspections for 30-year old private buildings of three or more storeys. Private buildings of three or more storeys aged 10 years or over must also have their windows checked once every five years. In order to enhance peace of mind and reduce financial burdens for residents, we have been implementing our own five-yearly Quality Assurance Program (QAP) since 2001.

How our QAP works

Our Quality Assurance Program provides all Hong Yip buildings with regular five-yearly inspections to ensure the timely provision of maintenance. When dispatched to maintain each property, our professional engineers and surveyors identify ways to enhance its safety, efficiency and value.

Applauded for understanding each tenant´s unique needs

With many local manufacturers moving to China, we have expanded our QAP to cover commercial and industrial properties to enhance their value.
Specific QAP areas residential and commercial tenants have applauded include the upgrading lobbies, interiors and facades. Building structures and essential facilities such as fire safety, drainage and other common facilities have also been significantly enhanced.
We began further underlining environmental issues and tenants´ enjoyment of life by merging QAP with the Property Grade Scheme in 2009. At the same time, we also launched the third phase of our five-year-plan and established our standards for environmental-friendly and safe living.