Dedication to environmental and social affairs

In delivering on our commitment to good corporate citizenship, we enthusiastically support many activities and associations who share our desire to build a better society.

Enhancing environmental protection

Established in 2002, our Energy Taskforce monitors and minimizes energy wastage at our properties by emphasizing “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” policies. We encourage our residents to play their part by placing segregated waste recycling bins on each floor of our buildings. We also regularly organize “commodity-for-commodity trading” and the collection and recycling of used books, worn clothes and used electrical appliances.
We are also very concerned about sustainability within our society. To this end, we further cut emission levels by introducing carbon audit and regularly monitoring CO2 emissions in our properties.

An enthusiastic contributor to community activities

Established in 2001, the Hong Yip Volunteer Team participates in fundraising and home visits to the elderly, Social Welfare Department´s Volunteering Movement, “Leading Caring Estate” as well as SHKP “Building Homes with Heart” Redevelopment Community Volunteering Programme. They also partner organizations such as St.James´ Settlement, Hong Kong Society for the Blind, The Neighborhood Advice-Action Council, Christian Family Service Centre, and Haven of Hope Christian Service activities such as :

  • sponsored walks/marathons/fundraising campaign
  • People´s Food Bank donators
  • Child mentoring
  • Elderly Care Programme
  • “Building Homes with Heart” Redevelopment Community Volunteering Programme
  • Employee retraining
  • Used Book and Used Clothes Recycling Donation
  • Disability and Able-bodied project