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Connecting to Hong Yip residents, co-organisers and the underprivileged, Peace Box Campaign spreads blessings throughout the city in its eleventh year

Started with the idea of “Sharing of LOVE and BLESSINGS” on Easter in 2014, Hong Yip and other co-organisers are devoted to spreading love and care through a box – “Peace Box” to connect the needs in the community. There were near 100,000 boxes donated in the past 10 years given with commodities, dried food toys, stationery and etc., This year, over 10,000 peace boxes have been donated to grassroots families and people in need.

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hong Yip, said, " Through the Peace Box Campaign in the journey of receiving and giving gifts, we continued to engage the community, aiming to encourage compassionate residents, tenants and citizens to share gifts for the underprivileged during Easter and echoing the theme for "LIGHT - Light Up Your Heart" this year."

Hong Yip has been encouraging young people to join the "Young Upward Mobility Mentorship Program". This year, Hong Yip arranged a visit on 19 April 2024 for young mentees, guided by mentors to spread love and chat with the elderly in the Elderly Care Center as well as to distribute gifts to them.

Peace Box Campaign is co-organised by Hong Yip Service Co Ltd, Saddleback Church Hong Kong, Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor, Hong Kong Gospel Festival Limited, YWCA, Evangelical Lutheran Church Social Service – Hong Kong and with the support of Hung Fook Tong and Jesus Online.

For the details of PeaceBox Campaign, please visit:

Hong Yip together with co-orgnisers established a community-wide network for material supports with an embodiment of caring love to echo the theme of the year - LIGHT.

Nearly 5000 boxes were used to stack a huge "LIGHT" at Mikiki in March this year. These gift boxes will be distributed to the underprivileged after the kick-off ceremony.