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Young Volunteering Team of Hong Yip and Lik Kai Visits the Squatter

Hong Yip has always placed great value on employee development and is committed to nurturing talent. Every year, the Company holds the "YUM Youth Upward Mobility Mentorship Program”, which provides on-the-job training, counseling, and educational support for young people. Besides, the Company also places special emphasis on the physical and mental development of its employees.

Recently, Hong Yip partnered with Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor and Christian & Missionary Alliance Mei Foo Church to organize a volunteer team of new staff from Hong Yip and Lik Kai to visit families living in the squatter area of Tin Ping Shan Tsuen, Sheung Shui, with gift boxes from PeaceBox Campaign.

Before the visit, the volunteer team attended a briefing session to understand the living conditions of the squatter residents. The team was then divided into smaller groups and, under the guidance of mentors and team leaders, distributed PeaceBox gift boxes containing daily necessities, food, toys, stationery, and more to the families in the squatter. During the visit, they engaged in conversation with the families, learning more about their lives and extending their warm regards. Each member of the volunteering team shared their thoughts and feelings after the visit. This volunteer opportunity allowed them to interact with squatters in a meaningful way, providing a better understanding of their living environment and needs, and fostering a sense of joy in giving.

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Chairman and CEO of Hong Yip, stated, "Hong Yip has always been committed to caring for the community and promoting staff participation in social welfare activities. Through this meaningful activity, we hope that our staff can experience the diverse culture of different regions in Hong Kong, gain a deeper understanding of the living needs of various social groups, and embrace the core value 'Building Homes with Heart' of our parent company, Sun Hung Kai Properties. We are dedicated to realizing our goal of 'Service for Tomorrow' and bringing warmth to every family."

Moving forward, Hong Yip will continue to contribute to society, encourage more employees to participate in charitable works, and deliver professional and excellent services to the community, bringing love and care to our residents.

The young volunteer team from Hong Yip and Lik Kai paid a visit to the squatter area and extended their warm regards to the residents by distributing PeaceBox gift boxes, bringing a sense of warmth to each family.