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Hong Yip’s Management Team Serving as “Green Living KOLs” to Promote Environmental Friendliness; Won Gold Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Hong Yip has always been committed to promoting the concept of green living, incorporating environmental elements into daily management to create a sustainable lifestyle for customers. This year, Wonderland Villas won the Gold Award in the “2020 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence” under the category of property management (residential), led by the Environmental Campaign Committee and other organisations; while Ms. Chan Sau Man, Senior Clubhouse & PR Manager of Wonderland Villas, was presented with an individual award under the “Outstanding Green Achiever Commendation Scheme”. Hong Yip’s managed properties including Royal Peninsula, Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade), Valais and Manhattan Hill were also awarded the Certificate of Merit, recognizing Hong Yip’s value in innovative green management.

Over the years, Wonderland Villas attaches great importance to environmental protection by implementing smart recycling and enhancing waste management. Two Reverse Vending Machines have been installed to collect plastic bottles, aluminium cans and beverage cartons; and the range of recyclables has been expanded to over 25 types of recyclable items, including pots and pans, mixed metal scraps and mooncake boxes.

Two 100kg food waste processors, with a capacity of 100 kilograms, have also been installed at Wonderland Villas to convert residents' food waste into fertiliser. The project received overwhelming support from the residents and over 180,000kg of food waste was collected and processed last year and turned into useful compost for gardening and organic farming in the estate. The management team continues to create green space for living and has planted over 500 trees and 100,000 plants, covering 23% of the estate (about 160,000 square feet). Wonderland Villas has the largest organic plantation among all Hong Kong estates, allowing residents to enjoy the joy of gardening together.

The management team invited residents to join with the team acting as 'Green Living KOLs' and produced video in Cantonese, Mandarin and Indonesian to share with the residents on the idea of clean recycling and how to recycle beverage cartons, plastic bottles and aluminium cans. The concept of environmental protection can be promoted widely through the participation of residents of different nationalities.

In addition, the management team has taken steps to upgrade the electricity supply system in the car parks and facilitate the residents driving electric cars to install multiple electric chargers, encouraging residents to switch to electric cars to help reduce air pollution and create a green living environment.

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hong Yip, said it was a great honour to receive this prestigious award. He implied, ‘Hong Yip has been practising ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) for years and has been constantly innovating, with the integration of smart technology, study of energy efficiency as well as the application of renewable energy. We are also committed to advocating environmental protection work such as waste reduction, waste separation and resources recycling in our managed properties and placing our top priority in supporting “Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong 2035”. In the future, Hong Yip will continue to provide a better living environment, create a better life style, and build a better community for customers to enjoy.’

Mr. Alkin Kwong, Chairman and Chief Executive of Hong Yip, was presented with the Gold Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence by Mr. Wong Kam Sing, Secretary for the Environment, as a recognition of Hong Yip’s devoted commitment in upholding its corporate value of sustainability.

The management team of Wonderland Villas actively promotes the green outreach recycling service, receiving enthusiastic support and participation from the residents.