Hong Yip awarded three Outstanding Promotional Partner Awards and 5 Merits at the 2019 Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence

Hong Yip has always been fully committed to environmental protection. We mobilize the managed properties to implement green initiatives into daily operations including energy saving and carbon reduction, source separation of waste, landscaping, air quality improvement, green procurement and education as well as to support Charter of External Lighting and Energy Saving Charter on Indoor Temperature by the Environment Bureau to strengthen environmental attributes in property management.


Hong Yip leveraged Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to monitor the building facilities intelligently to reduce electricity consumption and to save up manpower. The shopping mall teams carry out retro-commissioning projects, monitor and maintain the facilities at optimal level of operation along with the IoT application to raise energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Furthermore, through cooperation with various green organisations such as Environmental Protection Department, Leisure & Cultural Services Department, Conservation E3 Foundation and etc, residents can experience the green livings by participating in various estate activities like clean recycling, re-use and recycle of waste, nature exhibitions and recycling of food waste. Hong Yip has also adopted a self-developed security patrol system “Nitrol” to encourage a paperless working environment as well as to facilitate the function of real-time assigning job order to responsible staff and supervisors through cloud system.


Hong Yip strives to practising green property management while adhering to the corporate green policy for saving our planet.


Winning properties:

“Outstanding HKAEE Promotional Partners”: Aria, Century Link, Imperial Cullinan

Merit: Mikiki, Tsuen Wan Plaza (Shopping Arcade), Century Link, Manhattan Hill, Wonderland Villas