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Hong Yip won ERB “MD 1st – Grand Prize Award”

“MD 1st – Grand Prize Award”, is part of the “ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme”, aims to showcase the commitment of the corporations of their corporate social responsibility by supporting ERB courses and services so as to contribute to the manpower training and development of Hong Kong.


Hong Yip endeavors to support the ERB by providing internships and employment opportunities to its trainees and participate actively in the scheme in order to enhance the quality of human resources for the industry as well as to help people integrate into the working community. Hong Yip was presented the “MD 1st – Grand Prize Award (2010-2020)” since 2010 to commend its great support and participation in the manpower development scheme.


In addition, Royal Elite Service Co Ltd, Grandeur Property Management Co Ltd and Hong Yip Properties Agency Ltd (2018-20) attained MD 1st this year.