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The 16th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award Safety Enhancement Program Award Gold– Imperial Cullinan (Steady 360 Alarm)

In the 16th Hong Kong Occupational Safety & Health Award" on 20 September 2017, Imperial Cullinan has won the Safety Enhancement Program Gold Award with the project of “Steady 360 Alarm”. 

In Hong Kong, serious accidents of workers falling from heights have occurred from time to time. The technical team of Imperial Cullinan invented “Steady 360 Alarm” - a portable post fall alarm device which could prevent construction practitioners from inappropriately or negligently performing hazardous duties at height. The self-developed device can be easily installed at ladder, aluminum working platform and electric work platform to ensure all rounded surveillance on the leveling during work from height. Workers who are going to start work from height will fix the “Steady 360 Alarm “at the relative working platform and simply turn the device on that the working platform will be safeguarded by 3-axis leveling sensor. The alarm will buzz and the red light will flash when the working platform is in uneven situation to alert workers that they are exposed to potential hazard. This also alerts the people around to ensure double monitoring. 

“Steady 360 Alarm” is user friendly with quick response to prevent potential danger to those works at height and thus enhance safety environment.