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Hong Yip named Caring Company with labelled Caring Company 15+

Hong Yip was named Caring Company for 15 successive years.  Its 8 associates and 8 serviced properties were also granted distinction for caring company labels. The Caring Company Scheme aims at cultivating good corporate citizenship. It is specifically geared to building strategic partnerships among businesses and non-profit organisations to create a more cohesive society.




Caring Company 15+

Hong Yip

Caring Company 10+

Nixon, Nicole, Royal Peninsula

Caring Company 5+

Lik Kai

Caring Company

Lik On, Superpower, Home Convenience, Home Laundry Service, Maison Platinum,Vigor Industrial Building, Harbour Place、Epoch Industrial Building、Kwai Shun Ind Centre, Wah Sing Industrial Building, Po Sing Centre